experience with sound : we will discover different small percussion instruments, some of them from the Orff instrumentarium. Learning the basics of rhythm: Learning playingwise a steady beat. I will use the Ta-Titi system for learning the basics of rhythm. learning melodies and harmony: the children will experience minor and major. They learn that music has different moods and feelings, it develops their ears and it forms the basic of harmonic understanding. For this part I mainly use the Metallophone. body movement,motoric skills and musical memory: using different percussion instruments develops the childrens motoric skills. Through body movements according to the rhythm deepens the ability to "groove". Associations to music will be trained, melodies or sounds are assigned to pictures. I use for those activities mostly my double bass.


I am born 1974 in Bern/Switzerland. My nationality is german and I grew up in South West Germany since the age of 2. I graduated at the Conservatory of Amsterdam (Bachelor of Music) in 2004. I worked 9 years for a private Jazz conservatory in Amsterdam called DJAM, where I taught Jazz Improvisation in a band context. One of my students was Karsu Dönmez, she performs nowadays regulary in Istanbul Zorlu Center and all over the world. Next to private bass lessons I worked for different primary schools where we had a beautiful project called "the learning orchestra". 2015 I married my turkish wife and decided to live in Istanbul. Since I am here I taught for Kindergarten, primary, middle and high school at the British School in Tarabya. At the moment I am teaching at the Canadian Primary School. Next to my activities as a teacher I do also perform. I played with some famous Jazz musicians as: David Friedman, Gary Smulyan, Dick Oatts, Jon Engels, Nomy Rosenberg, Tony Miceli. Here in Istanbul I play regulary with the legendary Okay Temiz. More informations about my music and projects you can find on